I am an experienced attorney with over 16 years
experience in family law litigation like Divorce,
Legitimation, Paternity, Modification, Contempt, Child
Support, Protective Orders, Adoption, Paternity and
Prenuptial Agreements. Most of my cases are resolved
by agreement but if Litigation and Court Appearances
are required, I am experienced and prepared, with
reasonable fees.  

In most cases, I can meet with you and prepare all
necessary legal documents the same week for
uncontested divorces. For contested divorces, the
majority and sometimes all necessary legal documents
can be prepared the same week.  An Uncontested
Divorce can be finalized once all the necessary
documents are signed in about 31 days from the date
of filing.

I understand that many clients want to move on with
their lives without the stress of prolonged litigation that
lines the pockets of attorneys with your money.  Court
Appearances are not always required. I can meet with
you and strategize about what tactic best meets your
needs and discuss with you whether a Court
Appearance is required in your case. The initial
consultation fee is waived if I am retained at the time of
the consult.

The State Bar of Georgia offers helpful information on
Divorce. The State of Georgia now uses a complicated
child support calculator which you can access on-line
and complete yourself.  Consider what type of child
custody arrangement you want and develope your own
plan by accessing a simple
parenting plan.