Conservatorship & Guardianship
Guardianship and conservatorship are special legal
relationships between a responsible adult who is
designted as a guardian or conservator and either a
child or incapacitated adult (the ward).  This
relationship is created by an Order of the Probate
Court which carefully oversees the relationship and
ensures that any money spent is strictly reviewed.

A guardianship is created for the person (a minor or
incapacitated adult) while a conservatorship is for the
property. This sometimes requires two seperate legal
actions but the guardian and conservator can be the
same responsible adult.  Letters of Guardianship and
Letters of Conservatorship are issued by the Court to
the person appointed.

The guardian and conservator must take and sign an
oath to comply with all of the requirements of Georgia
law applicable to guardians. The Court may require a
guardian to post a surety bond. Every conservator is
required to post a surety bond with the Court. Not
every responsible adult qualifies for a bond.

The premium for the bond is payable from the child or
incapacitated adult's funds (estate) as an
administration expense.