Bankruptcy & Collection Defense
Filing Bankruptcy stops the calls of creditors and
provides quick relief for your family.  Are you afraid you
may lose your home or your car? If creditors are calling
you, consult with me or an attorney of your choice as
soon as possible.

Having creditors call your home for money that you just
do not have creates a significant amount of stress for
you and your family. You can meet with my office for a
free consultation to discuss your options.  My office
hours are flexible to accommodate your work schedule.  
Your consultation is completely confidential and
completely free.

Is Bankruptcy the right choice for your family? Not
everyone qualifies for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy due to
recent changes in federal law which imposes a means
test. If you decide that Bankruptcy is right for you and
your family, I can evaluate the different Bankruptcy
options with you and determine for which type of
Bankruptcy you qualify.  

If you elect not to pursue Bankruptcy, you elect other
legal assistance. I can help you defend yourself in
Court against collections.  

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